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Who We Are

#Milano Group Ltd.

We believe that our expertise, modern vision and deep knowledge of consumer’s passions and aspirations would help us sustain our long-term strategy for worldwide expansion. 

We are the future of eyewear. We are the vision.

Why Choose Us

We create art, we create innovation, we create products driven by the demand and preferences of our clients. The wide range of eyewear we work on is designed by world-known fashion designers that influence and get inspiration from the latest styling trends.

High-quality materials and constantly optimized technologies we work with, allow us to deliver perfection. Skilled Product Engineering and Quality Control experts are closely monitoring all manufacture processes, making sure our product lines are flawlessly meeting eyewear market expectations.

Stable quality
High-quality raw materials, a well-developed quality assurance system, and a technical team of professionals are our secret to delivering excellent eyewear products.
Short lead time
Advanced manufacture facilities, new technologies integration, and modern management systems allow us to efficiently deliver OEM produce at a short lead time.
Customer Support
Sales representatives will help you find the right solution based on your target market and requirements. Expect a response within 24 hours during working days.
In Stock quantity
Production experience and expertise in eyewear products taught us to think bigger, so a large number of in-stock inventory is constantly available upon request.
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