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Milano Group Ltd.

Our bold and aesthetic ideas have been innovating the eyewear market since 1998. The clear concept and bright vision we have for the future helped us vastly increase our accountability even in the first few years after our foundation. 


Engaging all of our initial energy, skill, and expertise on the creation of original eyewear designs was worth it. Accustomed to high fashion trends and customer preferences, we soon started manufacturing high-quality products that quickly boosted our reputation and opened our doors to foreign markets.

Up for the challenge of being recognized as a trustworthy manufacturer of sunglasses, optical frames, and eyewear stock, the company quickly gained significant popularity amongst established designers from Canada, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and Central Europe. 


Milano Group Company always stays true to its belief that building a strong brand means understanding consumers and working hard towards exceeding their expectations. Through the latest technology, attention to detail, inspiring design ideas influenced by the world’s latest fashion trends, we make that happen.


Our rich portfolio consists of 47 well-known eyewear brands, with direct retail representation in Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, and Greece. The huge distribution network and constant acquisition of new brands allow us to continue growing and expanding to new emerging markets.

Covering such a strong vision care network of department stores and showrooms requires a constant increase in manufacturing capacity. That is why we have opened a number of production, design and development facilities located all around Europe and Asia, with our biggest one situated in China.

Throughout the years of extensive experience, master craftsmanship, modernization and constant improvements in creative and technical processes, the company sustained its long-term partnerships. We have retained cooperation and improved our relations with remarkable designers, distinguished brands and a countless number of happy customers. 

We believe

that our expertise, modern vision and deep knowledge of consumer’s passions and aspirations would help us sustain our long-term strategy for worldwide expansion. 

We are the future of eyewear. We are the vision.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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