Milano Group is an international eyewear manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. With a wide geographical presence across the globe, the company has hundreds of retail stores, institutional offices, distribution centers; with the main production facility in Shenzhen, China.

Following strict and contemporary manufacturing practices, the production site’s operators are fully capable of delivering the finest eyewear products. The experienced staff has accustomed to proven methodologies that vastly improve the quality and assembly process of the final artwork. 

It all starts with... idea, a design. The close cooperation we have with world-known designers and established brands allows us to review concepts and work on various new projects on a daily basis. Inspired by ongoing fashion and seasonal trends, our creatives rely on current vogue and style specifications to construct their newest eyewear design.


The latest technologies, extensive knowledge and proven skills of our production and QC departments, help us deliver more than eyewear - we create visionary items that fully match up to world quality standards.

A solid technical foundation consisted of conventional and advanced machinery, allows us to develop our entire optical, sport and sunglasses projects from scratch. Processing, finishing and production of frames, lenses, bars, temples, and other eyeglasses components is a lot easier when automatization takes over. Our specialists are running their efficient operations working with CNC technology, hand-controlled machinery, as well as cutting and drilling lens machines. 

Hand-Made Eyewear

Even though tools and technology encourage fast production, creating innovative products is not just a touch of a button. Milano Group strongly believes that eyewear manufacturing is more than just an automatic process, it’s art. That is why we have hired over 1700 experienced operators and staff members work in our facilities, ensuring glasses meet (and even exceed) client and market expectations. 

Eyewear is 75% handmade and fully tested by teams of professionals - a guarantee for precise production, durability and high quality of the products. The vision of the company stands for being customer-friendly and detail-oriented. Concentration on all minor elements to create a piece of perfection is a notion we believe in.

Small components like end pieces, hinges, pad arms, nose pads, temples and temple tips are constructed, developed and assembled in-house in a monitored and regulated environment. Individual features of each pair of glasses that we put out on the market are being handcrafted, enhanced and fully-tested in the production facility long before reaching distribution and retail associates. 


Operating with lenses, bars, hinges, pads, frames, temples and other essential glasses parts and elements is a daily routine in the life of our factory workers. From the adjustment of smaller elements to frame construction, shaping, and final assembly - they work with various materials to enhance and produce our lines of sun and optical glasses. 

Fashion trends change frequently, that is why the materials used in the product lines also tend to differ, depending on the current style movements. Striving for higher quality, licensors and designers join their forces to introduce inventive solutions in the eyewear industry with each new collection.

The craftsmen and machinery operators are accustomed to delivering impeccable eyewear products consisted of components made of metal, plastic, titanium, acetate, wood, and more. According to the needs of an eyewear model, acetate sheets with a different thickness and size are used to manufacture a perfect item.

The Future

Steady growth and consistent efforts to constantly implement new technologies, improve and upgrade our work methodologies and techniques, clearly speak about Milano Group’s top performance in the field. 

The future is brighter than ever.