The masks we produce are certified by the world health services.

Face mask and COVID-19 coronavirus.

          It is believed that COVID-19 is spread from person to person mainly through airborne droplets when someone coughs or sneezes. These droplets may fall into the respiratory system and the eyes of nearby people, and possibly inhale into the lungs.


When sick man coughs or talks virus particles can be spread from mouth or nose into the face of nearby person. Most likely those particles can be inhaled from mouth or nose, but also they can penetrate through eyes. There is also a possibility to be infected by touching something with a virus on it, like table, door handle or button, and after that touching eyes.


When we are trying to protect ourselves and people close to us during ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the face masks and goggles are very important.


Face masks are very important for prevention of spreading or infection with Covid-19. The masks are intended for creation of physical barrier between mouth and nose of wearer and potential contaminants in the environment.


            It is recommended to wear face masks and goggles to prevent spreading of virus. All personal protective equipment for prevention of Covid-19 must be certified, with clear origin, produced in sterile laboratory environment.


            Everyone is required to wear disposable or reusable face mask covering nose and mouth, and it is recommended to use a goggles or helmets for eye protection in closed public areas. These areas are public transportation, shops, banks, churches, churches, monasteries, temples, halls, bus stops etc.


            It is also recommended additional protective measures, which you and people close to you can take to reduce the risk of getting sick or spreading the disease among others. This is observance of daily hygienic skills such as washing hands, avoiding of touching face and wiping off dirty surface with disinfectant. Traveling also should be avoided and #StayAtHome when possible, especially if you are sick.


               Seek medical attention for any symptoms of respiratory disease.